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Lets Build Something Great

Looking for a new journey in life? We may have just the thing.

Are you interested in rural living? Does the idea of growing your own food, having a flexible work schedule, avoiding the 9-5 routine and helping to build a small business intrigue you? Then lets talk. 


Job Title: Facilities Manager (FT + Housing)

We are looking for the right person to help bring our farm and business facilities to life. In return, we can offer housing, salary, very flexible work schedule, and time to explore your own hobbies. This hybrid opportunity is based in Linden, TN. A beautiful rural county that offers abundant wildlife, water recreation, hunting and clean living. This job is 50% farm-based and 50% based on developing our current business facilities. What does that mean? Well, we need someone to help bring our 50 acre farm to life. Think: small orchard planting, caring for a small flock of livestock, gardening, basic home maintenance, operating a tractor, lawncare and farm upkeep. 

The second half? Helping to care for the campuses of our nearby businesses, including lawncare, landscaping, painting, some minor building work and oversight. 

Not an expert plumber or electrician? That's fine. What tasks you can't handle, we will rely on you to contract and manage. 

Not an expert on farming? That's okay too. We live in the information age and have plenty of local resources to help.


Here's what is most important: have a strong desire to live in the country, enjoy some freedom in your schedule, help improve our facilities, and enjoy in the reward.  You won't just be gardening for us, you will also enjoy the benefit. 

The best part, you will be offered housing near the ffarm to enjoy your own privacy and hobbies. A 2 bedroom, 1 bath home with a fenced backyard and carport will be offered as part of the compensation package, plus salary. 

The right candidate will be familiar with rural living, willing to be on-call to manage farm duties in off-hours, able to work independently with little or no supervision, self-motivated, professional, curious about farming, gardening, and homestead life, and ready to commit to projects and complete them on time. 

Ready to learn more? Let's talk!

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