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Our advantage:

-100% FTP Delivery. No need for satellites, rain fade, sun spots, delays or expensive receivers.

-Reports produced hourly, 5 days a week, seamlessly placed into your automation using any FTP download program.

-Reported and anchored in Tennessee

-Use when you want, on your schedule, as often as you'd like.

-Breaking News LIVEChannel available for all affiliates for long-form breaking news coverage.

-Station dashboard giving you access to sound and material for your own use!

-Digital elements for your website, PLUS access to our free blog, so you can insert our headlines into your website!

-Liners, ID's and more are always available from our staff, to help us truly be a part of your operation.

-Fair, upfront pricing, based on your coverage area. We are here to support the small towns and major markets.

Tennessee-based statewide news and weather coverage. Delivered by experienced Tennessee Anchors.


Its time we bring Tennessee radio and digital news coverage back to Tennessee! That's the mission of Tennessee NewsNet. Our team of experienced anchors live here, have the connections and the know-how to get critical news coverage delivered quickly and accurately.

In addition to hourly news coverage (Mon-Fri 5am - 7pm) The Tennessee News Net also employs 3 professional Meteorologists to offer a companion local weather product*.

Our corespondents are based in areas across the state. We don't just rip and read. We go to the stories that matter most to our state. Whats more: we love participation from our affiliates. If you have important news in your market, we are here to be your reporting partner.

Contact us today for market pricing and easy account setup. We can't wait to serve your station with relevant, fresh, connected local news. Produced by a Tennessee-based company.


Will Nunley


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